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  • 2020-06-28

    Steps to install drinking water system

    1. The water supply part at the front end should be neat, standardized and easy to operate, pay attention to the direction of water inlet and outlet of each component, and the bonding place should be

  • 2020-06-28

    Components of drinking water system

    The drinking water system is divided into three parts: water supply system, lifting system and anti-inhabitation system.  Water supply system is composed of pressure reducing valve assembly, water met

  • 2020-06-28

    What methods are used to control the drinking water of chickens

    1. In the first week, drink water with warm boiling water of about 20℃, and tap water or deep well water can be used in the future.2. After drinking the chicks, you need to add 2.5% glucose or 5% whit

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