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How to control the humidity of chicken house

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1. Use a dry and wet thermometer to measure and adjust the humidity, and record the highest and lowest humidity every day.

2. When the humidity is lower than the standard

(1) Place a hot water basin on the coal stove to evaporate and humidify

(2) Online flat chicken house can be directly sprayed on the ground to humidify

  3. When the humidity is higher than the standard

(1) Maintain good ventilation and prompt moisture release

(2) Strengthen drinking water management to prevent water leakage

(3) Clean manure on time every day to keep the ground dry

(4) If ground leveling is adopted, the litter is often turned over to remove agglomerates, and part of the litter is updated if necessary

(5) Use effective drugs to prevent gastrointestinal diseases and prevent diarrhea

(6) Keep warm during winter, especially prevent low temperature and high humidity at night

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