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Control methods and precautions for ventilation

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Ventilation control method:

1. The first three days of brooding, the brooding room is closed, and then the top vent can be opened; the vent window is appropriately opened in summer and autumn according to the outside temperature, but it is necessary to prevent the cold air from blowing directly on the chicks.

2. Increase the house temperature by 2-3℃ before ventilating in cold weather. It can be used to properly open the windows on the sunny side when the outside temperature is high in the afternoon.

3. Exhaust fans or ceiling fans can be used to assist ventilation in the hot season.

Precautions for ventilation

1. The coal stove should be managed well in the early brooding period to prevent gas poisoning.

2. As the weight of broilers gradually increases, the amount of ventilation must increase accordingly.

3. Under the premise of temperature guarantee, increase the amount of ventilation.

4. Prevent thieves from blowing.

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