Livestock and poultry drinking water brand, China Detianyuan,was established in 2013
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Qingdao Detianyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 takes drinking water nipple and pressure regulating valus as its core production,to create a high quality、high stability、high cost performance of livestock and poultry nipples automatic drinking water system.
Since its launch,the produce has been widely trusted by customers in the industry.Among them, drinking water nipple and pressure regulating value lead the domestic and foreign market.
In terms of equipment, detianyuan introduces modern mechanical equipment to minimize manual operation of production process clock, reduce uncontrollable factors of products, strive for stable and reliable quality, and provide you with the best accessories for livestock and poultry drinking water system with the highest efficiency and the most rigorous attitude.

Press regulator
Hanging parts
End parts
Square pipe
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Address:50 meters south of the
intersection of Jinshenger
Road and National Highway 204,
Jihongtan Street, Chengyang District, Qingdao
Phone: +86-400-0532-925
Mobile phone: +86-15275235556

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