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What methods are used to control the drinking water of chickens

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1. In the first week, drink water with warm boiling water of about 20℃, and tap water or deep well water can be used in the future.

2. After drinking the chicks, you need to add 2.5% glucose or 5% white sugar to the water (opening) or refer to Table 11. In addition, in order to reduce stress, add multi-dimensional electrolytes to the water for the first week and drink clean cold water after one week.

3. Drink water for 2-3 hours after picking the chicks before taking food. Individual artificial diversion of water that does not drink water 1-2 times

4. The drinking fountains should be placed evenly and evenly. Regularly adjust the height of the drinking fountain so that the upper edge of the sink is flush with the back of the chicken.

  5. The drinking fountain should be placed evenly without water cutoff, and the height of the drinking fountain should be adjusted so that the edge is the same height as the back of the chicken.

6. The drinking fountains are cleaned and disinfected twice a day (no disinfection for 3 days before and after immunization), and the water tank and water supply are cleaned and disinfected once a week.

7. The storage time of water storage tanks, barrels, etc. should not exceed 3 days. 8. Conditionally record the amount of diversion every day.

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