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Components of drinking water system

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The drinking water system is divided into three parts: water supply system, lifting system and anti-inhabitation system.

  Water supply system is composed of pressure reducing valve assembly, water meter assembly, filter assembly, dosing device assembly, main water pipeline, diverter assembly, etc.

  Reducing valve assembly: adjust the inlet water pressure so that the inlet water pressure is 0.03-0.4MPa;

  Water meter component: It is convenient to count the water consumption of each house, provide chickens with clean hands; at the same time, further reduce the pressure of the inlet water;

   Dosing device components: by adjusting the dosing ratio on the dosing device, adding drugs to the water pipe to improve the immunity of the chicken;

  The main function of the lifting system is to adjust the drinking line to provide reasonable drinking height for chickens of different days. After raising this batch of chickens, raise the water line to facilitate the cleaning of the house. The main components include stretch wire, pulley, S-shaped connection card, nylon rope and drinking water line. Stretch wire is used to suspend and fix steel pulleys and plastic pulleys. The S-type connection card is stuck on the drinking water pipe and the steel pipe. One section of the nylon rope is connected to the drinking water line, and the other section is connected to the main steel wire rope through the plastic pulley. The main steel wire rope is tightened by the winch to increase the height of the water line.

The    anti-inhabitation system is composed of components such as electric shocker, steel wire rope, extension and extension spring, etc. It is mainly used to prevent the chicken from perching on the water supply system and causing the water line to collapse due to excessive force. The clicker should have a small current and a large voltage, and the voltage can be selected between 300V, 600V and 900V.

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