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Characteristics of chicken water supply system

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1. Improve drinking water hygiene and chicken house environment

  The environmental sanitation in the process of chicken breeding has always attracted the attention of farmers. Whether it is a tray drinking water system or a sink water supply system, there is a hidden danger of water pollution. Drinking water exposed to the unsealed conditions of the chicken house for a long time can easily breed bacteria and pose a threat to the chickens. The automatic water supply system is controlled by sealing, which reduces the contact between the water source and the external environment, thus ensuring the purity of the water quality.

2. Meet the drinking water needs of chickens

  The superiority of using nipple drinkers is not only reflected in the reduction of disease transmission, but also in the improvement of the breeding environment of the chicken house and the improvement of the meat ratio. For broilers fed by the nipple drinking system, the feed conversion rate is 53.7%, which achieves the optimized breeding effect. The nipple drinker adopts the automatic sealing design of the valve body to realize the automatic switch control. The chicken can touch the water rod according to the drinking water demand and drink at any time.

3. Save labor costs

Compared with the traditional drinking water system, the automatic drinking water system stabilizes the water pressure and does not need to be manually operated again to ensure that the chickens can drink water, and the pipe network pressure can be used to achieve fully automatic water supply control without the loss of other resources such as electricity and oil. To achieve the purpose of saving time and labor and reducing labor costs.

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