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Is there any way to control the room temperature

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Use a wet and dry thermometer to measure the chicken. The temperature ball of the wet and dry thermometer is equal to the back of the chicken. Check and adjust the temperature at any time and record the highest and lowest temperature every day.

When the temperature in the house is lower than the standard;

(1) Use a coal stove for heating. Check and debug in advance to prevent smoke leakage, eliminate fire hazards, and prevent gas poisoning.

(2) Seal the doors and windows of the chicken house, and double-layer plastic film is nailed inside and outside the north window of the brooder house in winter. The plastic film is used to divide the brooder room in the brooder house.

(3) When expanding the group, if the temperature is not enough, the expanded part can be partitioned with plastic film first, and the preheating of the coal furnace, and then the group can be expanded after reaching the temperature standard.

(4) The temperature of the brooding room increased to 34℃ 12 hours before the arrival of the chicks, and increased to 36℃ in winter and spring.

When the temperature in the house is higher than the standard:

(1) Properly open doors and windows, strengthen ventilation, and provide cool, clean and sanitary drinking water.

(2) Increase the number of disinfection in the hot season.

(3) On-line flat-housed chicken coops can be cleaned of manure and then washed with clean water to the ground. On-ground flat-housed chicken coops can be added with fresh cold sand and the surrounding plastic cloths are lifted.

(4) The quality of the temperature control is mainly determined by the distance of the heat source and the activity and distribution of the chickens. It is necessary to regularly check the activity of the chickens, adjust the temperature in the house to achieve the best, and evenly distribute the chickens.

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