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The advantages of online raising

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Online flat raising can generally be made of bamboo poles, wooden strips, branches, etc. as a support, covered with plastic mesh or barbed wire, 70-80 cm above the ground, and equipped with a ground working corridor. Although the equipment investment is relatively high, it has many advantages compared with litter flat raising. Let's introduce it in detail below.

(1) Saving litter is conducive to improving the use value of chicken manure;

(2) It can significantly reduce the incidence of coccidiosis, colibacillosis, chronic respiratory disease, poultry cholera and ascites, reduce the cost of medicine, help control meals and increase the survival rate of broilers:

(3) Since most of the management work is completed in the corridor, it can reduce stress and facilitate the management of the chicken coop;

(4) It is easy to control the temperature and humidity of the house, facilitate ventilation and increase the density of breeding.

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