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Material for flat bedding

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The litter leveling method mainly adopts the thick litter leveling method, which is simple and easy to use, and has less investment. It is suitable for general farmers, but attention should be paid to the selection and management of litter. The raw materials used for bedding in chicken farms are wood flowers, sawdust, river sand, sea sand, peanut shells, bean husks, rice husks, wheat straw, straw straws, corn stalks, poplar leaves, etc.

(1) Wood flower: preferred bedding. It is required that the texture is soft and not moldy.

(2) Sawdust: It can be used as litter. Since the newborn chicks are easy to be swallowed at the beginning, the sawdust should be sealed with cushion paper.

(3) River sand: It needs to be uniform in size, such as grains, and sieve out dirt, stones and other debris. In order to avoid pollution, it is best to sterilize the sun before use, but do not dry it too much to avoid dust.

(4) Sea sand: Due to the sun and the purification of sea water, it is cleaner and better than river sand, and should be fully utilized if possible.

(5) Peanut husk, bean husk, rice husk: It is required not to be moldy, and the shell is too hard to be pressed before use.

(6) Wheat straw, straw straw, corn straw: It is required not to be moldy, and the straw is to be 3-6 cm long. The wheat straw needs to be removed from the wheatgrass part.

(7) Poplar leaves, locust trees and other leaves: it is required not to mold and remove hard branches.

The above litter can also be mixed.

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