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Broiler equipment

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When raising broilers, chicken manufacturers use the following equipment:

1. Drinking fountain should be equipped with 3 kg vacuum drinking fountain, 10 kg vacuum drinking fountain, and prasong drinking fountain. 3 kg vacuum drinking fountain for 1-8 days old, 10 kg vacuum drinking fountain for 9 days old to slaughter use one for every 50 chickens, and prasong drinking fountain for 9 days old to slaughter for every 70-80 chickens Provide one.

2. There should be at least two types of food trays and large barrels for the feed trough. The open plate is for 1-8 day old broilers, one for every 50-80 chickens; the large barrel is for 9 day old broilers, one for every 30-35 chickens.

3. The lighting facilities include waterproof lamp heads and light bulbs.

4. A dry and wet thermometer, the highest and lowest thermometer range is about -20-50 ℃.

5. A coal stove with a waist diameter of 30 cm provides one for every 50-80 chickens, and two can be used for brooding.

6. Electric brooding umbrella, one for every 50-80 chickens.

7. The fan can be used during summer ventilation and heatstroke prevention.

8. Flame blowtorch and high-pressure sprayer can be used for disinfection.

9. Other equipments can be equipped with small carts, plastic buckets, water spoons, and feeders.

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