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What are the effects of broiler efficiency

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1. Genetic factors:

"Good breeding produces good seedlings" superior breed chickens can breed high-quality chickens, and good chickens have the characteristics of fast growth, strong disease resistance, good regularity and high meat replacement rate. Healthy newborn chicks should be: Appropriate and uniform body weight, lively spirits, loud cries, neat feathers, moderate abdomen size and softness, clean navel, good healing, fluff growth, hands with fat, struggling strong.

2. Nutritional factors

Feed nutrition is the material guarantee for broiler production increase and plays a decisive role. The use of nutritious and advanced production technology feed can reduce the incidence of broilers, improve feed efficiency and enhance the disease resistance of chickens.

3. Environmental factors:

Environmental factors including temperature, humidity, light, ventilation, diet, hygiene and other environmental factors are important conditions for broiler production.

4. The importance of management factors:

After the problem of chicks and feed is solved, whether scientific breeding management can be achieved is the most critical factor in broiler production. If the management is reasonable, the output will increase significantly.

5. Selection of the best production age:

Under good management conditions, it is inseparable whether the broiler has good production performance and the best production age. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the choice of production age.

6. Market conditions

The purchase price of broilers is different in each season. People's dietary rules are different in the four seasons. In summer, people eat less chicken. In winter, especially during the holiday season, the demand for chicken is very large. Therefore, the sales price of chicken is generally high.

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