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How to breed shell-breaking chicks

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Chickens with broken shells can be raised artificially if they are not fed by the hens. First of all, put the chicks in a carton. It is better to pad them with a newspaper. The temperature is about 25℃.

For feeding, eat 3 spoons of glucose, 1 spoon of electrolytic water-soluble vitamins, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. In order to ensure that every chick can drink water, the chick head should be manually put into the water by hand. Repeat 2 or 3 times to get the chicks to drink their own water. Wait until the child has drunk enough water, and use water to soak the feed semi-wetly. After the chicken knows that it is eaten, it can be converted into pellets to feed the chicken. If the weather is cold, adjust the light bulb, hang an electric lamp at night, glucose and anti-inflammatory drugs can be fed for 3 consecutive days, vitamins should be fed for a month.

When the chicks grow up to 13 days, they have more natural excretion and to prevent coccidiosis, let the sun go out and move. In the evening, turn off the chicks, light the electric lamp, add enough feed, and fill up with water.

After the chicks grow up to a month, they can enter and exit freely, but always pay attention to the weather. To prevent animals from harming chickens, ensure that the chickens grow up healthy.

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