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Steps to install drinking water system

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1. The water supply part at the front end should be neat, standardized and easy to operate, pay attention to the direction of water inlet and outlet of each component, and the bonding place should be bonded with general structural adhesive to ensure that the connection is firm and tight. The distance between each component and the wall should be the same, so that the water pipeline is as straight as possible.

2. Make sure that the water pipes are straight and that the water pipes are firmly connected to each other to ensure the water supply everywhere, otherwise there will be uneven water supply. The nipple drinker should be installed vertically so as not to hinder the movement of the chicken. The chicken can poke open the spool with its beak to get out of drinking water, which is in line with the drinking habits of the chicken.

3. The lifting system should ensure that the suspension points on the waterline are evenly stressed and the waterline keeps straight. The winch is firmly connected with the room beam, and the lifting speed is uniform.

4. During the installation, it is required that the electric shocker and the wire rope are connected correctly, and the wire rope should be tight to ensure that the wire rope does not contact the steel pipe below and cause a short circuit when the chicken is trampled.

5. After the nipple drinker is installed, water should be supplied immediately.

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